Beste hardloper,

Ook in 2021 gaat de Hoorn Marathon helaas niet door. Het bestuur heeft daartoe moeten besluiten omdat naar verwachting de Corona maatregelen voorlopig van kracht blijven. Het handhaven van bijvoorbeeld de 1,5 meter afstand is voor een grootschalig hardloopevenement als de Hoorn Marathon niet mogelijk. Daarnaast zullen de betrokken gemeenten zeer waarschijnlijk geen vergunning afgeven voor het evenement dat begin juni zou moeten plaatsvinden. Het bestuur vindt het jammer dat het ook dit jaar niet door kan gaan maar is ook van mening dat het bestrijden van de Covid-19 pandemie de hoogste prioriteit moet hebben.
Wij verwachten dat in 2022 het evenement wel georganiseerd kan worden en hopen van harte dat jullie dan weer aan de startstreep zullen verschijnen!

Vriendelijke groet,
Bestuur stichting Marathon Hoorn

Welcome to Schutz Marathon Hoorn, June 7nd.

This event has been CANCELLED due to the COVID-19 pandemic


Join us for a unique opportunity to run a Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k or 5k at the 15th Schutz Marathon Hoorn. With four clocked courses there is always a competing distance for each runner. We have plenty of helpers to keep you quite literally on track and encourage you on your way to the spectator rich and rewarding finish.
The flat terrain makes it an ideal race to aim for a personal best. All runs are on hard surfaced ground.

Each run starts and finishes in the scenic setting of Hoorn, a municipality and a city in North Holland. Hoorn is a smallish city with a population of just over 70,000 people, however much of the area that the city encompasses is actually made up of water.

The marathon and half marathon courses take you along the Markermeer, the biggest lake of the Netherlands. This gives you a marvelous view during your run and takes you through the nice small villages Schellinkhout and Wijdenes.

Founded in 716, Hoorn rapidly grew to become a major harbor town. During Holland's 'Golden Age', Hoorn was an important home base for the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and a very prosperous center of trade. The town continued to grow and to make its way by trade and other seafaring means and must have grown quite substantially as in the mid 1300’s, the Count of Holland accepted a payment from Hoorn so that it could become a city.
In the centuries after this, ships that sailed from Hoorn traded all over the world, bringing back new and valuable commodities such as spices, from places such as Indonesia.

After this enduring period of prosperity Hoorn went downhill and the city turned, once again, to its original profession of fishing to keep the economy going. A market mainly in dairy produce started and took off well and eventually became the main source of income.

2020 is a special year in Hoorn in which we celebrate the Golden Ages with special events. The Schutz Marathon Hoorn is such prominent happening.

Besides the run we can recommend you a visit to our city with a short weekend stay. The historical downtown and our unique Westfries Museum tells you the story of our ancient city and the rice of the Golden Ages as well. Besides that, we have a large number of nice local shops, restaurants and pubs.

So don’t leave it too late to enter! Tell your friends. There is no limit participants. There will be a unique running shirt and finisher’s Medal. Click here to meet you at the finish line along with that sense of satisfaction.

We look forward to see your on our running event in our city Hoorn!


Runners’ information



Meeting point is Theatre Het Park, Westerdijk 4, 1621 LE Hoorn, only 350 meters distance from the central railway station. In the theatre you can pick up your number, change clothes and leave your luggage (guarded but on own risk.

The start itself is only a few minutes’ walk from the theatre.



Foreign runners can pre-register and pay by creditcard. Late registration only possible on Sunday June 7nd  from 8:45 at the start location (Theatre).



  • 09:30   42.2 km
  • 10:30   21.1 km
  • 11:00   1.2 km Kids run
  • 12:30   5 km
  • 12:50   10 km

During the race

We will have marshals all around the course as well as KM signs and arrows.



There will be water and sponges provided at each 5k point of the race. For the 21K and 42K runners we also serve banana- and orange pieces.

To refuel after the race we provide you a bottle of water, banana- and orange pieces.



The distance between finish location and theatre is approximately 300 meters.
There are no shower options unfortunately.


Course safety

For the most important part, the trail is closed to other traffic. However, some sections are traffic-calmed. Marshals are present at the intersections and junctions to stop oncoming traffic.


Risk and responsibilities

Every participant runs at their own risk and under their own responsibility. The organization cannot accept any liability with regard to any calamities. Insurance is a matter for the participant himself.


Registration rates

Marathon: 27.50 Euros, Half Marathon: 18.00 Euros, 10 km: 14.00 Euros, 5 km: 11.00 Euros


De Schutz Marathon

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